The Foundation

The non-profit AKTIV STIFTUNG foundation was initiated in 2015 by two committed personalities, aiming to refine and develop real estate properties, especially listed monuments, for diverse common-good uses and in the long-term make them available to the community and local residents.

The task of the AKTIV STIFTUNG is:


To enrich the entrusted properties and monuments with new, future orientated uses for the common good.


To secure the financing with the help of subsidies, grants, donations, endowments and bequests.


To return the buildings to the people and the community.


To sustain the cultural heritage of properties for future generations.

History of the Foundation

The lawyer Lothar Heißenberg from Riemerling by Munich and the architect Stephan Koch from Fulda are the initiators and founders of the AKTIV STIFTUNG and hope that their real estate projects offer an impulse to the investment in the community.
The foundation’s aim is the encouragement of monument protection and maintenance, and is achieved through endowments, donations, bequests as well as the acquisition of ground and properties.
Other social goals are to combine living and working, to promote social cohabitation of young and old, families and singles, disabled and non-disabled people (inclusion). Furthermore, the strengthening of self-responsibility and self-management, the promotion of a lively, high-quality, sustainable architecture, including ecological and energy efficient construction and the encouragement of art and culture are envisaged.

The Team

Lothar Heißenberg
Lothar HeißenbergExecutive Board | Lawyer
Lothar Heißenberg is HR director of an internationally operating pharmaceutical company and much of his own time he voluntarily dedicates to different social projects. In the AKTIV STIFTUNG he handles general administrative tasks and juridical issues surrounding the topic of foundations and endowments.
Stephan Koch
Stephan KochExecutive Board | Architect
Stephan Koch is a self-employed architect and takes care of the common-good orientated property developments of the real estate and monuments entrusted to the AKTIV STIFTUNG. Buildings, people, initiators and partners are brought together in order to implement a project in its entirety.

The three-member board of trustees consisting of Dr. Christoph Kind (notary from Fulda), Gerhard Möller (retired mayor of the city Fulda) and Prof. Dr. Manfred Reuther (from Risum-Lindholm) advises, supports and monitors the work of the board of management.

Help us shape the future together.
The AKTIV STIFTUNG wants to get in contact with people that are not sure how their property or monument can be used in the future.Learn more about endowing and donating.