Together we can develop your idea, your property to preserve it for the greater good of following generations. Especially a cultural monument with a history that is of importance to society offers a variety of possibilities.

More on the endowment of properties and real estate.

Even without property and real estate, you can help the AKTIV STIFTUNG in different ways by donating or entailing capital assets.

More on the endowment of capital.

Lothar Heißenberg,
Riemerling by Munich

«My home town Tann and its people have given me a lot during my life. I truly wish to return something to the tanners. In future the Rhönhof will be used as a common-good building thanks to the AKTIV STIFTUNG. The AKTIV STIFTUNG is thus the ideal partner – also beyond my lifetime. For this reason I bequeathed the family property to this foundation.»

Endowment in form of an own property or building

Together, we can develop your idea, your property or real estate to preserve it for the greater good of following generations.

Your wishes are important to us. Share with us your heart’s desire and tell us what is important to you for your property. There are countless possibilities to make a property available to the AKTIV STIFTUNG. With the transfer of your property, you can help society and the local community.

Apart from the development of a sustainable, common-good use concept for your property, the AKTIV STIFTUNG acquires grants, funds and further donations for the individual projects. Examples of such projects can be found in our project archive.
The prerequisite is that a property, with or without buildings, is transferred to the AKTIV STIFTUNG and – if the situation allows – a particular amount of seed capital is available, so that the project can be developed and realized with the help of further private, communal and state support.
In general the buildings are listed, cultural monuments which were declared as such by the respective state office for the preservation of monuments. Therefore the main, common-good orientated aim of the AKTIV STIFTUNG is the promotion of the monument protection and maintenance. A cultural monument, which is sustained, maintained and passed on to future generations, symbolically reflects a benefactor that considers: how can I pass on my values, my beliefs and my assets purposefully, also beyond my own lifetime?

Become a Benefactor
Request information material here. In addition, our staff is happy to offer advice:
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Endowment in form of Capital

Even without property and real estate, you can support the AKTIV STIFTUNG in different ways by donating or entailing capital assets. A donation, a bequest or a financial endowment help with the realization of current and upcoming, common-good real estate projects. It is up to you whether you wish to support a specific project or the foundation’s work in general.

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There are different reasons why to consider the AKTIV STIFTUNG …

  • You want your contribution to be sustainable and long-term
  • You want your contribution to support the common-good orientated work by the AKTIV STIFTUNG and secure it for the future
  • As benefactor, you wish to get involved and be able to have a purposeful influence on the future
  • You are considering to dedicate your heritage to the AKTIV STIFTUNG or make the AKTIV STIFTUNG heir
  • You wish to support and continue a century old tradition of endowment
  • You wish to donate a large sum to the foundation and thus receive the tax benefits
  • You want to realize a project which is of great importance to you: e.g. offer rooms to the members of the local history society permanently, develop a building into an “open living-room” for young and old, promote social commitment in your community … There are an unlimited possibilities for common good projects that we would like to develop together with you
  • You wish that your values can live on through others and that you can thus take influence on the future beyond your lifetime
  • You have no relations and do not wish that your property falls to the state without it being used purposefully
  • During your lifetime – especially during difficult times – you have received much assistance from the community and you now wish to return something to the people and society

Fundamentally there are many possibilities to help and support:

  • The endowment of a property with or without building or in form of capital. In contrast to donations, endowments do not have to be used promptly by the AKTIV STIFTUNG, since an endowment means that the endowed asset is permanently added to the existing assets of the foundation. Through the corresponding increase in the foundation’s assets, the foundation obtains higher income and can follow its goals sustainably
  • The AKTIV STIFTUNG is included in your testament
  • As a gift
  • As a financial donation
  • Donations from jubilees (birthday, company celebration, wedding etc.)

The great advantage of supporting a common good orientated institution like the AKTIV STIFTUNG is that your assets can be transferred without deductions.

Whether property, new construction, existing buildings, cultural monuments or a financial endowment: the AKTIV STIFTUNG is your trustworthy partner and, as a nationwide operating, common-good orientated institution, offers the appropriate instrument and thus the “fitting vessel”.

We support and advise you …

We are happy to help you and look forward to meeting you personally. As an architect Stephan Koch can advise on possible use concepts for your property: +49 661 29167 41. For juridical issues, Lothar Heißenberg can be reached at +49 89 60621 25 and will confidentially answer your question.

Furthermore, the AKTIV STIFTUNG is a member of the Association of German Foundations, which can assist and counsel.

We will listen to your concerns and requests and guarantee a discrete handling of your personal information. If wished we will guard your anonymity.

You can also support the AKTIV STIFTUNG spontaneously

You can help change society in the way you wish. If you would like to support the AKTIV STIFTUNG and its work spontaneously and short-term, you can contribute via a financial endowment or donation.

We are happy to issue deductible receipts for the tax authorities.

Should the donation arise from a jubilee (birthday, company celebration, wedding, memorial day, etc.) with numerous contributors, we are happy to issue deductible receipts to every single contributing guest.
We will gladly provide your event with information material about the AKTIV STIFTUNG.