The Rhönhof in Tann is a town Vierseithof, of which the living house from 1907 will be turned into an innovative culture and living project. The entire ensemble was declared a cultural monument and listed in 2014 by the state office for the preservation of monuments in Hesse. [...]

Markthaus Großenlüder

Life in the Markthaus Großenlüder feels like a public living-room for all people in the town. The meeting of young and old belongs to daily life and is not planed and organized but is orientated along the everyday needs of everyone. […]


The 11-Apostel-House is the oldest tanner town house and one of the oldest in the region of Fulda. It was constructed around 1500. [...]

Franz Erhard Walther RÄUME

The aim of the project is to allow the works of the renowned artist Franz Erhard Walther [FEW] to be experienced in different interior and exterior spaces around Fulda. [...]