Project Description

A tanner house with history and future for the now.

Object in planning

Object Volume
financing: in process
construction progress: in development

The 11-Apostel-House is the oldest tanner town house and one of the oldest in the region of Fulda. It was constructed around 1500. The timber frame of the 1st and 2nd story is decorated with many carvings and, bizarrely, does not show 12 but 11 apostle.

Protecting and maintaining this cultural monument is of social importance.

The owner wishes to develop a sustainable and future orientated use concept for the common good of the community together with the AKTIV STIFTUNG and local partners.

The ground floor can be used as a public and open space which, for example can be used and filled with life by the town of Tann and other institutions.

The rear area, comprising of extension buildings, garages and other storage spaces, can be built back to improve the Linsengasse and add another path towards the Tanner Castle.

Through new functions, the cultural monument can be secured and sustained for the future generations in the center of Tann.