Project Description

The Franz Erhard Walther RÄUME are an invitation to take inner action.

Object in planning

The aim of the project is to allow the works of the renowned artist Franz Erhard Walther [FEW] to be experienced in different interior and exterior spaces around Fulda.

FEW’s work can already be found at different locations throughout the city. New objects can be added, can be linked together and form a route or a city tour within Fulda.

This artistic city tour can become a special cultural and touristic element of the city of Fulda.

Art fans can book the city tour “Franz Eberhard Walther RÄUME”. This tour is consciously chosen not to be a museum but to be a network of already existing spaces that were conceptualized by FEW or that are/will be fitted with FEW art pieces. High costs for the construction of a museum are thus avoided and running costs are minimized.

The following spaces are already available or can be used and conceptualized:

  • Vonderau Museum – interior and exterior
  • Palais Buseck – interior
  • Stadtschloss, Dom, Michaelskirche, Paulustor – exterior (shape: 5 locations, 6 directions)
  • Archive of the Fulda Diocese – exterior
  • Bellevue, Frauenberg – interior and exterior

The spaces can be managed and extended further.

The private collection Gisbert Seng, which is one of the most extensive of FEW’s early works, will be maintained and secured at Fulda for the next generations. Die common-good concept of the AKTIV STIFTUNG not only considers the encouragement of monument protection but also the promotion of art and culture.

Through a public-private-partnership between collectors, the city of Fulda and the foundation, the extensive private collection Gisbert Seng can be ensured for future generations at its current location in Fulda.