Rhönhof – Dismantling of the asbestos facade

March, 2016|

The asbestos facade from the 1960s, which “protected” the original building structure over the last five decades, was taken off and disposed of professionally and safely. After more than half a century, the historical house showed-off its own appearance and charisma. The house can now breathe again …

Rhönhof – Official start of construction

January, 2016|

In cold, wintery temperatures the preparatory work for the restoration of the house built in 1907 commenced. In order to offer a functional layout for living space for people with mental and psychological impediments as well as rooms for the work of the culture and history society in Tann, dismantling and construction of partition walls inside the house took place.

Rhönhof – Restoration of the southeastern corner

August, 2015|

As the south eastern corner of the building was in danger of collapsing, a temporary supporting structure was necessary. In this way it became possible to take away the rotting wooden frame constructions and replace them with new oak frames. To ensure that the building will survive the winter safely, the frame was covered by a large tarpaulin and is thus protected from strong rain and snow.

Rhönhof – Demolition of the 1960s garage building

April, 2014|

Beginning in spring 2014, a garage, erected in the 1960s, was taken away. The garage was the cause of the damage to the building’s southeastern corner and the corner needed to be completely replaced from the threshold to the top plate of the upper floor. For five decades, moisture had been seeping into the frame construction.