Project Description

The Markthaus Großenlüder is an open living-room for young and old and offers spaces for inclusive living.

Object in planning

Object Volume
financing: in process
construction progress: in development

Life in the Markthaus Großenlüder feels like a public living-room for all people in the town. The meeting of young and old belongs to daily life and is not planed and organized but is orientated along the everyday needs of everyone.

Here, the daily togetherness is lived, people can get to know each other and interact. In this way social behavior without age boundaries can be experienced naturally.

This creates a family culture without being related, a family of choice that cares for each other and allows people to join in correspondence to their needs and capabilities. Those with and without disabilities can live together.

Daily encounters without agenda and set program, with the goal of allowing young and old to connect, are what make the open living-room special. They have the possibility to build up relationships, learn from other generations and have fun together. For this an open space, a public living-room is needed.

Moreover the first floor and attic of the 17th century cultural monument can host a group of eight people with psychological impairments. There are diverse privacy spaces for the inhabitants and visitors. In this way inclusion can be lived naturally.